Our Story

We seek to address challenges facing Lagos-dwellers through the development of a sustainable compound.

Working with tenants in the compound’s building, the Amayo family, and community members in the neighborhood of Ikeja, the project plans to develop a rainwater harvesting system to produce potable water and a green roof that will provide open space and the opportunity to cultivate food; and retrofit the building with solar panels to provide reliable electricity and replace inefficient energy-based generator use. It will eventually seek to address the sewage problem with compound-scale solutions such as compost toilets and neighborhood-scale solutions such as filtering plants and energy production from biowaste.

Mrs. Amenawon Amayo passed away in 2012. She was a central figure in the community, having raised upwards of ten orphans in her compound, and leaving behind an all female basketball team.

For many years, Mrs. Amayo gave and sold water from her well to neighbors in Ikeja. Amenawon Solar School project honors her memory, turning her compound into a model for low cost healthy and sustainable life in Lagos, and acting as a space of cultivation of sustainable practices and skills among the community, tenants, and family members.

Central to our project is the cultivation of sustainable ethics, practices, skills and relationships. Amenawon will be partnering with local organizations an those further abroad give workshops to school children attending the elementary school occupying one floor of the building as well as community members, on green building, permacultural practices, and build technical and social skills for developing software and hardware for better functioning sustainable infrastructure and retrofitting techniques.

Please contact us at AmenawonInitiative@gmail.com