About us

The Amenawon Solar School project includes Duke Abraham Amayo, Mary Taylor, Anze Zadel, Jen Mazer, and Shirley Bucknor. Charlie Wirene has just joined us too.

The Amenawon Solar School project is building a sustainable compound in the neighborhood of Ikeja, in Lagos, Nigeria. Invited by the Amayo family in May 2013, our team started working on a vision for retrofitting a compound owned by the late Mrs. Amenawon Amayo, which houses a school, retail space and private residences.

Envisioned as a model for living and sharing sustainable practices, Amenawon Solar School will partner with the elementary school on the compound on sustainable curriculum and everyday practice, and with neighbors and local organizations in a series of workshops.

Over the next year and a half we will institute a hybrid model that will harvest rain-water and solar energy as well as encourage local food production. Developing urban practices inspired by permaculture principles, we will build sustainable social technologies with local residents. Our first workshop was implemented in January 2015, when we will build a rainwater collection and filtration prototype.

In January 2016 we carried out also first permaculture workshop together with Permaculture Forest Garden Badagry and Lagos Marginalized Communities Forum (LAMCOFOR) where we learned about local medicinal plants and nurturing plants in urban environments.