With a mission of promoting progressive changes in rural communities while appreciating and incorporating traditions from the West African region, Amenawon Foundation is committed to fostering skills and providing resources that promote educational achievement and economic sustainability.



Education Initiative


Our Education Initiative seeks to foster academic excellence and personal development for youth and adults in the rural areas of West African region.


Some projects and activities are:


Distribution of school supplies and equipment to local schools


Subsidization of tuition and school fees through scholarship and sponsorship


Lyrics for Literacy


Public Health Education Initiative


Our Public Health Education Initiative seeks to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases by raising awareness of pre-existing health concerns affecting rural Nigerians as well as informing them of safer health practices.


Some activities are:


Dissemination of health information to adults and youth


Training of community members to become peer community health educators


Distribution of mosquito nets


Infrastructure Initiative


Our Infrastructure Initiative seeks to enhance the quality of life for citizens in Uwessan by improving the physical conditions of the rural areas of West African region, which will also help to facilitate the economic development.


Some projects will include:


Construction and management of permanent roads with gutter systems


Identification of various modes of generating electricity


Improving the management and sanitation of the water supply

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