The Amenawon Foundation improves the livelihood of rural communities by advancing infrastructure, quality educational resources, and health awareness in order to support economic development, empower residents, and promote sustainability.

Amenawon Foundation, is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, established in November 2007, and operates for charitable purposes. The Amenawon Foundation seeks grants and other resources to implement projects that support development in rural Edo State, Nigeria through collaborations with Nigerian communities, development organizations, and international institutions.




In February 2007, LaKera Tompkins and Ino Okoawo visited Edo State, Nigeria, located in south central Nigeria. During the visit, they became inspired to address the social, public health, and environmental conditions that prevent rural Nigerians from achieving quality lifestyles. Some of the many issues challenging the population of Uwessan include poor road conditions as a result of erosion and government abandonment, scarcity of school supplies, and lack of clean water. Due to this awareness of the conditions in the eight villages in Uwessan (consisting of Udomi, Ujabhole, Unogbo, Ibhiolulu, Idumuoghodo, Afuda, Idumuoza, and Ohe), Ms. Tompkins and Mrs. Okoawo arranged to provide clothing to impoverished mothers and their young children and educational supplies to students at a primary school in Udomi village. Although this distribution met immediate needs, it was apparent that long term programs were necessary.


Upon their return to the United States, they were committed to form a non-profit organization and with help from five other dedicated women they created the Amenawon Foundation. The founders decided to connect to a mission to foster positive change and support the livelihood of Nigerian families.

"Through programs that will help the smaller neglected villages, the Amenawon Foundation hopes to make a difference one person, one family, one village, and one story at a time." - Ino Okoawo, Board Chair



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